3D Scanning Services

Non-Contact, White Light, Blue Light and Laser Scanning

NeoMetrix offers high accuracy 3D scanning services for reverse engineering and computer aided inspection applications.

3D scanning refers to the rapid capture of data in order to define complex shapes utilizing optical technology.  The 3D scanner employs some type of optical projection, either laser or structured light, and one or more cameras.  The cameras detect pixels along the projected stripes in order to triangulate data points along each stripe.

The output from this process is called a “cloud of points”. Some objects may be scanned from multiple positions and orientations to ensure complete coverage.   Point clouds can then be triangulated into a polygon mesh, or STL file.  A complete, or watertight STL is suitable for 3D printing.  Further processing may be required to develop a 3D solid model for reverse engineering, or compared to the original design for computer aided inspection.

NeoMetrix offers 3D scanning services utilizing a variety of equipment:

  • Steinbichler Comet L3D
  • Steinbichler Comet 5
  • Creaform HandyScan 700
  • Creaform MetraScan
  • Creaform GoScan
  • Creaform MaxShot

Our engineers will consult with the client to determine the best tool for each project.


Scanning an Industrial Impeller

Post Processing

We use powerful software tools such as Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Control & Discovery SpaceClaim to convert raw data sets into high-quality 3D CAD models, or to compare the scan of your part to your original design in a comprehensive inspection report.

On-Site 3D Scanning

Send the parts to us, or we’ll come to you. Many of the systems that we employ are fully portable, allowing our teams to travel to remote locations to scan parts that are too large or heavy to ship to our facility.

From Mayan artifacts in the jungles of Guatemala to assault vehicles in the deserts of eastern California, or nuclear power plants in Europe, we’ll go just about any­ where.

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