3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering a Pistol Grip

The Problem:

ArmaLaser designs and manufactures lasers that attach on a variety of different handguns.  They work with over twenty different gun manufacturers to provide convenient laser attachments that can be concealed carried. ArmaLaser is designing a laser that will mount on a pistol called the Taurus Spectrum, and they need a model of the gun grip in order to design a proper fitting.  The model needs to be extremely accurate around the trigger area.  However, the gun is designed ergonomically with contours and curves and no straight edges around the grip.

Traditional Method:

Traditionally, hand measurements would be attempted to obtain dimensions and radii of the gun grip.  With the complex contoured design of the gun, however, this would require many hours of tedious work and would almost definitely lead to errors and lack of accuracy.


NeoMetrix Solution:

Using the Steinbichler L3D Laser Scanner, a scan of a small volume object is captured within an hour and exported as an STL file. The scanner produces data that is accurate within 0.001 inches.  In this case, the grip handle of the Taurus Spectrum is scanned, and the mesh can be seen in figure 4.  The scanner is able to digitally replicate every detail on the gun grip with incredible accuracy.   

As previously mentioned, the customer needs a solid model with a high level of accuracy primarily around the trigger where the laser would mount.  In order to use the mesh data from the scan, some maintenance needs to be performed on the mesh using Geomagic Wrap.  Wrap provides tools to clean any features in the mesh such as holes or bumps along the surface.

Once the mesh is completed, a surface can be automatically generated and directly overlay the mesh we obtained from the scanner. Using Geomagic Design X, a surface model is generated from the mesh data and seamlessly converted into a solid as seen in figure 5.  In addition, the solid can be exported in any file format such as STP, IGS, or Parasolid.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

With these capabilities, the following were accomplished:

  • Quick delivery of the model.
  • High accuracy and detail for a geometrically complex model.
  • Number of design iterations and fit errors are reduced compared to traditional methods.
  • Quality and production time of the customer’s design is improved, which in turn brings more revenue.
  • Adapt to the customer’s needs and provide any file format needed for the model.

ArmaLaser offers the most technologically advanced red and green lasers for the world’s most popular pistols. Their industry leading products provide customers with not only laser sites, nut also holsters and shooting targets.



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Pistol Grip to be Scanned

3D Mesh of Pistol Grip

Grip Final Surface Model

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