3D Scanning Software


VXmodel delivers flawless results when used with the Go!SCAN 3D scanners, Creaform’s easiest and fastest 3D scanning technology.

This powerful duo is perfect for engineers and designers looking for a professional-grade solution to print 3D scan files or import them for use in CAD software.

As an add-on to VXelements, VXmodel offers a transparent, easy process to finalize 3D scans for CAD or 3D printing.

Recent Updates (via VXelements 6.2)

  • Alignment tools have been redesigned for easier usage and better understanding
  • Surface best fit
  • Point selection
  • Align to origin
  • New entity-based alignment

Recent Bug Fixes (via VXelements 6.2)

  • Fix an issue with a plane created with a Draw line where it was impossible to flip the normal
  • Fix a bug with the Invert pose checkbox not working properly in the Apply alignment tab
  • Fix an unwanted behavior in the Edit boundary tools

3D Scan-to-3D Print

When combining a scanner from the Creaform Go!SCAN 3D line with VXmodel and its 3D-scan-to-print functionalities, you can scan any 3D object, clean up your mesh, make it watertight and quickly generate print-ready files. Thanks to VXmodel, you can bypass the post-treatment step and directly move on to 3D printing, since the scan files can be directly sent to a 3D printer to create accurate replicas of the object.

Looking for time efficiency and versatility in 3D scan-to-print software? That’s exactly what VXmodel offers. Plus, it is available at a significantly lower pricepoint than any other competitor software on the market, which guarantees an excellent ROI.

Since you do not necessarily want to print your 3D scan files right away and may rather wish to bring them to CAD first, VXmodel provides simple yet effective bridge-to-CAD functionalities.Within a few minutes, you can extract entities and surfaces from the file generated with the Go!SCAN 3D, and import them directly into your CAD software to use as a reference for creating an accurate 3D model of the part that you can send to your 3D printer whenever you are ready.

Scroll through the complete CAD modeling process below:

VXmodel and Go!SCAN

  • Effective and fast package
  • Seamless and quick integration into the 3D printing or CAD process
  • No need to use a 3rd party post-treatment software; you can work directly into your favorite CAD software
  • Expressly designed to work together with the Creaform portable 3D scanning solutions
  • Simplified Scan-to-CAD/Scan-to-Print Workflow with VXmodel

VXmodel fully integrates with Creaform 3D scanners, while providing only what you need and nothing more: the simplest and fastest path from your 3D scans to your CAD or additive manufacturing workflow!

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