3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

2017 International Paris Air Show to Feature 3D Printing Innovations

The aerospace industry was one of the first to really embrace 3D printing technology’s potential benefits in part manufacturing. At this year’s Paris Air Show (52nd annual), one of the top aviation showcases in the world, many of the latest additive...

3D Scanning and 3D Printing Helps Close Cold Case

The New York State Police recently turned to the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center for their 3D scanning and printing expertise to help solve a cold case. The decades-old unsolved murder of a woman who was found in the woods near Chester, New York, had long...

Redesign Sports Ltd. Reverse Engineers 1952 Ferrari 225

A St. Albans, United Kingdom based company, Redesign Sports Ltd., recently reverse engineered a 1952 Ferrari 225 with the purpose of producing replacement parts and conducting repairs. Due to a lack in available replacement parts and the fact that the parts are mo...


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