3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

Fisher Price Utilizes 3D Printing to Design New Batman Toy

Toy manufacturing giant Fisher Price has recently begun to use 3D printing and virtual reality technologyies to produce rapid prototypes its new toy concepts for hand-on testing and analysis by its designers. The technology is helping the company to ensure product...

Doctors have Successful Surgery with 3D Printed Hip Replacement

In the port city of Kochi, located on India’s southwest coast, doctors have successfully completed a hip surgery for 60 year-old woman, Pennamma Mani. This was no ordinary procedure however, as doctors used a 3D printed model of her hip as the replacement. Mani,...

Stratasys & the VA Teaming Up to Create 3D Printing Network in Hospitals

In recent news this week, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and 3D printing powerhouse, Stratasys, are collaborating to launch a series of 3D printing hospitals. The VA hospitals of Albuquerque, Puget Sound, San Antonio, Boston and Orlando will all be...


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