Experience the next level of 3D scanning with the Mole Scanner, where simplicity meets precision and innovation redefines efficiency.
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The Mole 3D scanner lives up to its name by revolutionizing the world of digitizing objects with its exceptional simplicity and unmatched accuracy. With a remarkable precision of up to 0.05mm, this cutting-edge scanner ensures that even the finest details are captured with utmost clarity.

One of the standout features of the Mole Scanner is its utilization of near-infrared invisible light sources. This not only guarantees the safety of your eyes during scanning but also provides excellent light compatibility, resulting in enhanced scanning quality and reliability.

Standard- $519 was $649

Hand-Held 3D Scanner

Premium- $599 was $749

Scanner, turntable,

tripod & handbag

Luxury- $679 was $849

Full Package+ COLOR KIT

Up to 0.05mm Accuracy

Mole can scan small parts and 3D prototypes with deep, hard-to-reach details. Designed with binoculars, Mole is featured by its professional-grade accuracy of up to 0.05mm


Through the ensemble algorithms inside, the powerful built-in software is not only compatible with Win10 and MacOS both but supports the automatic alignment of models in different postures, denoising, simplifying, repair and texture mapping.

Multispectral Technology

Designed by multi-spectral optical technology, Mole maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight, vastly improving environmental adaptability.

No-marker Scanning

Mole is a real time saver. The intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video. No need to stick markers anymore, even for big parts like the engine hood, car door, front or rear bumpers, and so on.

Dual Modes

In the turntable mode, the automatic scanning process can provide you with a convenient using experience, while it’s also flexible and easy to operate in the handheld mode. Furthermore, if you want to use our scanner outdoors, it can work with a portable power bank.

Realistic Color

Mole comes with a professional-level color kit and supports the shooting of complex colors and textures with mainstream DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. The device will automatically map the colors to the models to achieve true color fidelity. This scanner can also capture black objects, leaving unlimited creativity.

Works great with Xtract 3D! | Reverse Engineering Plugin for Solidworks

Next-Gen 3D Scanner for Entry-Level and Advanced Users






Minimum Scanning


Light Source

Frame Rate


Tracking Mode

Visual Tracking

Work Distance


USB Interface

USB 2.0

Single Capture Range


Color Texture

Extended Support

Output Format




Software System Requirements:

  • Output format:OBJ/STL/PLY
  • Compatible system: Windows10/11 64bit, MacOS12/13
  • Compatible mobile: Android 10.0 or later, iOS 15.0 or later (Extended support)
  • Minimum computer requirements: Intel Core i5 8th, 16GB RAM, MX250 GPU with 2GB VRAM
  • Recommended computer requirements: Intel Core i7 8th, 16GB RAM, NVDIA1060 GPU with 4GB VRAM