3D Modeling of a Boat Hull and Deck

The Problem:

GCI Designs, owned and operated by Gregg Inscore, designs both custom and modified boats for customers. Sometimes customers want to use an existing boat hull or deck as a starting point to create their own custom boat.

Traditional Method:

Traditionally, Gregg would need to take manual measurements off the boat to recreate the original design, before making modifications for the customer.

Manual measurement is a very time consuming process, involving potentially expensive equipment, and a high expertise level to be used correctly and accurately. A CMM (coordinate measurement machine) is one manual option, but is very costly, and the amount of useable data is directly correlated to the amount of time spent collecting data. Other options, using tape measures, rulers, string and any other measurement tools are less expensive than a CMM machine, but require skill to achieve accurate results. Even with an experienced user, the measured data may be inaccurate.

NeoMetrix Solution:

3D scanning is the perfect solution to this problem. Boats have many complex surfaces that cannot be easily measured. 3D scanning collects millions of points of extremely accurate data.

First the boat components are scanned with long range and short range scanners. Using the combination of short and long range capturing, a high amount of data can be captured with minimal error buildup.

This data is then imported into Geomagic DesignX, a powerful reverse engineering software. The imported data is easily aligned and merged using straightforward built-in wizards and tools. From the scan data, a fully defined 3D model is created, using standard and complex modeling tools.

This model is then sent to Gregg in a standard CAD file format. He can then take this file and modify it per his customer’s design goals.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

What would previously have taken Gregg potentially weeks of measuring and modeling can be done in a few days, at a fraction of the cost. In addition, since he is a one man team, he can use his time more productively, and give customers their dream boat quicker and with less guesswork.

3D scanning takes out all the uncertainty when it comes to the accuracy of the data. Gregg can rest easy, knowing the model he is working with is almost identical to the original piece. Since the model he receives is created using standard CAD tools, he can modify the file easily, once he imports it into his preferred software.

Gregg saves time and money, which then allows him to offer more competitive solutions to his customers, resulting in a better experience throughout the process.


“It is said that one usually can only pick two of the three……price, quality and timeliness. I was able to receive all three with NeoMetrix. Great work!!!

– Gregg Inscore, Owner of GCI Designs, LLC


Deck Scan Data

Deck Model

Hull Scan Data

Hull Model

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