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Reverse Engineering & Hybrid Solid Modeling Featuring Geomagic Design X

Reverse engineering from scan data is a powerful way to create 3D CAD models of existing parts.

This informative webinar will explore a few different methodologies for creating CAD models from scanned data using Geomagic Design X:

  • Feature based & parametric modeling for geometric parts
  • Rapid surfacing for organic and freeform parts
  • Hybrid Modeling for parts with both geometric and organic features


3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering & Inspection | Amcon Orlando 2021

Presented by Dan Perreault | President of NeoMetrix Technologies

Rewatch our special presentation on 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering & Inspection, and learn how it is used as a strong advantage in today’s industrial applications. This presentation will illustrate different types of scanning technology, software options for reverse engineering & inspection, as well as some recent customer applications and case studies.  4/27/2021

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Intro to Composite 3D Printing

From today’s 3D Printing Applications, Materials, and Benefits, to details behind the technology of Markforged systems, gain a complete understanding of Composite 3D Printing.


GeoMagic for Solidworks

Reverse engineer 3D scans directly within your favorite
CAD environment!
  • Optimizing 3d scanned data
  • Generating a parametric model from a 3D mesh
  • Rapid surfacing

Computer Aided Inspection using Control X Essentials

Live scan with our groundbreaking HandySCAN Black Elite 3D scanner, align the scan data set to a reference CAD file, and cover the complete setup and reporting of a part inspection.

Portable CMM Inspection using the Creaform HandyProbe Next

This webinar will  cover how manufacturers and production managers can use portable measurement technologies to enable considerably greater flexibility and efficiency in performing quality control (QC) operations directly on the production floor. 
Dimensional Inspection for SOLIDWORKS for Control X
Don’t worry if you’ve missed our latest webinar! Watch the replay of our event and learn how to utilize Geomagic Control X and Creaform’s GoSCAN! Spark for fast and repeatable inspection of SOLIDWORKS CAD files.

Digitizing Your Supply Chain

  • Gain leverage over competitors
  • Easily manufacture with advanced materials that are hard to work with
  • Compensate for the shortage of skilled laborers
  • Improve lead times
  • Optimize material, inventory, and waste
  • Reduce risk associated with global events like COVID-19

MetraSCAN Black Elite Demo

Learn How to Scan, CAD, 3D Print and Inspect
Reverse Engineer+3D Print Replacement Part

From CAD to Parts


Get it Right the First Time: Product Design


Applications for Metal 3D Printing

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