3D Scanning an Epoxy Mold

The Problem:

TST Industries is an online business that sells OEM parts for motorcycles, specifically sport bikes.  They approached Neometrix Technologies requesting a digital copy of an epoxy mold.  It needed to be highly accurate in detail and be done quickly.

Traditional Method:

Items that have complex shapes or exhibit complex contours can take many man hours to duplicate.  Traditional methods call for numerous hand measurements and guesswork that can affect the quality of the part being duplicated.  In addition, the task can become increasingly difficult the smaller the part and finer the detail.  Physically replicating the part may also require time and numerous iterations before it is eventually approved.

NeoMetrix Solution:.

3D laser scanning offers high quality and rapid solutions for parts of all sizes.  Scanning can be completed in less than a half hour with the Steinbichler Comet L3D scanner.  Its quickness is partially attributed to the scanner’s processing power and the turn table on which a part is mounted on.  While scanning, the turn table will automatically turn the part at different angles to make sure that all necessary data from the part can be collected.  The scanner itself captures millions of data points a second, providing an immense amount of surface detail for each scan.

When scanning is completed, it produces a mesh STL file.  Once it is created, the mesh goes through post processing using our editing software, Geomagic Wrap.  This program is specifically designed to edit mesh data with ease and can clean any distortions that may have been picked up while scanning, such as holes, scratches, or bumps.  The completed mesh can be seen in the image below.  It shows all the small details captured by the scanner.  If needed, the STL file can later be brought into physical form with a high level of accuracy through 3D printing.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

This case demonstrates some of the capabilities that we demonstrate on a daily basis:

  • Highly accurate model.
  • Capture small details.
  • Quick turnaround for the customer.
  • Eliminates guess work.
  • Digital file can be preserved for future use.

Epoxy mold to be scanned

L3D Comet scanner used

Epoxy mold scanned data