Reverse Engineering of Spinal Aligner Insert

The Problem:

Rejuvenation Corporation makes a product called the Spinal Rejuvenator. It is used to alleviate chronic back pain and other back related issues. The product consists of a plastic insert that is surrounded in a soft foam shape that the user lies on.

The plastic insert was developed by Rejuvination Corporation by hand, going through many design iterations to get the best shape to get the best results. Now that the shape of this insert has been finalized, Rejuvenation Corporation wants to move into mass production. Since the part was designed by hand, there is no existing CAD model that can be sent to a mold maker for tool development.

Traditional Method:

Traditionally, the hand-made insert would need to be measured with rulers, and calipers, or even a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). With an object that has complex curves and very few flat or simple surfaces, these processes are very time consuming. Additionally, these processes can result in much less accurate data. Since the insert went through much iteration to develop the best design, accuracy is very important, or else the product will not work as intended.

NeoMetrix Solution:

Using 3D scanning and reverse engineering software, an accurate, clean, 3D model can be developed and delivered to the customer in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

First, the existing design was scanned by the Handyscan 700, which is a handheld scanner. Reference targets were placed on the part to allow the scanner to know its position in space. The scanner then used laser lines and cameras to collect 3D data of the surface of the part. This scan data was then exported as an STL file.

The STL file was imported into Geomagic DesignX, which is advanced reverse engineering software. Using the scan data as a reference, sketches and surfaces were extracted and used to create a complete 3D CAD model. This model was then exported as a STEP file, which can be used by most CAD software on the market. This file was then delivered to the customer.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

With the services provided by Neometrix, complex projects are easily solved, using the latest in 3D scanning and reverse engineering technologies. Something that would take months can now be completed in less than a couple weeks. Additionally, the accuracy of the final model is incomparable to the rudimentary methods used in the past.

Original Spinal Aligner Insert

Spinal Aligner Insert Scanned Data

Spinal Aligner Insert Model in Foam

Spinal Aligner Insert Model


“My business partner and I found your service to be fast and personable.  You treated us like your own family.  Thanks for that!”

– Joel Stephens, CEO of Rejuvenation Corporation


About Rejuvenation Corporation:

The Spinal Rejuvenator was created with the aspirations of providing people a solution to their back pains. The staff is committed to helping each individual live a pain-free life – a guarantee the founder and inventor of the Spinal Rejuvenator, Kevin Jones, makes to his customers. According to Jones,

“I sought out and worked with experts in every facet of Spinal Orthopedic and back care treatment including Orthopedic and Neurological Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Osteopathic Physicians. Each specialty taught me different aspects of body mechanics and the importance of a healthy spine.  As my practical education continued, I realized just how critical skeletal alignment and postural correction is for everyone.”

Since discovering the great importance of this, Jones dedicated himself to discovering a solution that could ultimately change people’s lives forever. Through some of his work with special needs children, Jones created the Spinal Rejuvenator which has helped [ep[;e across the globe.