Tech Brief 01-05-010

Reverse Engineering Gun Component


Sporting Goods needs to reproduce a series of parts in order to put a new firearm into production. This requires a set of 3D models and 2D Drawings.

Traditional Method:

Hand measurements are normally used to pull off dimensions and radiuses. However, the complex shapes and angles were not features that could be accurately measured by hand.

NeoMetrix Solution:

3D Laser Scanning:

Using Konica Minolta’s Range 7 with a tolerance at .0015” the 3D mesh was brought into software to begin modeling. Requiring a fully parametric model, the Rapidform XOR software was chosen for its ability to not only create a parametric feature tree but to export out a solidworks file.


  • Laser scan with Konica-Minolta Range 7 3D scanner accurate to .0015”
  • Rapidform to align and merge multiple scans (Figure 2)
  • Curves and sketches developed based upon scanned data to facilitate solid modeling.
  • Accuracy analyzer used to verify accuracy of final model to original part.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

  • Complex geometry accurately captured.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • 100% Editable Solidworks part file to make future design changes.
  • Ability to make a rapid prototype to check fit parts to existing mates.

Solidworks Live Transfer:

The machinist for Sporting Goods was familiar with Soildworks to create drawing and requested the final model be a Solidworks part file. Using Rapidform’s Livetransfer feature we can bring every feature in the parametric tree into the requested file type, giving him the ability to edit and change 100% of the delivered model.

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Figure 1 – Original Part

Figure 2 – Laser Scanned Data

Figure 3 – Final Solidworks Model