Computer Aided Inspection


Raw data from the 3D scanner can be compared to the original CAD design to generate impressive inspection reports.

Topographical color maps highlight deviations between the actual part and the design model, clearly indicating out of tolerance conditions with far more clarity than traditional CMM (coordinate measuring machine) reports. 2D analyses can be performed by generating cross-sectional slices and whisker plots.


Computer Aided Inspection software allows users to process 3D scan data and determine that all part specifications have been met. By providing graphical comparisons between CAD models and parts that can be used for first article inspection, alignment, analysis or wear, validating tooling, and both 2D & 3D geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).

With computer aided inspection, part production is faster and the parts are much more accurate by eliminating manufacturing errors in advance. Traditional methods are long, tenuous and very fragile, but with our cutting-edge metrology devices, we are able to acquire the necessary data in just a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the size and complexity of a given part. Computer Aided Inspection allows manufacturers to ensure that the exact specifications are met, verifies that their manufacturing process is possible, confirms the integrity and functionality of parts.


Check out some of our inspection examples:

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