In today’s world, technology has a dramatic impact on virtually everything we do in our daily lives. Likewise, product development has seen incredible improvements thanks to technological improvements. More specifically, 3D printing technology is beginning to revolutionize manufacturing processes. Many experts believe that, over the next few years, consumers will have to ability to purchase 3D printers at an affordable price. Should this prediction come to fruition, our lives could be forever changed. Those considering purchasing a 3D printer or utilizing a 3D printing service – for either personal or business use – should keep these advantages in mind:

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3D Printing Saves Money

With 3D printing, parts can be manufactured at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This ability is perhaps the greatest benefit of 3D printing technology, as companies always have an incentive to cut costs, especially in an uncertain economy. In addition to manufacturing, 3D printing also allows consumers to print spare or replacement parts on-demand rather than traditional processes that are more expensive.which is turn enables users to be much more self-sufficient.

3D Printing Reduces Time-to-Market

Product delivery comes much faster when using 3D printing rather than traditional product development methods. Where these traditional methods would take weeks to deliver products, 3D printing produces products in a matter of hours. This is extremely beneficial as companies utilizing the technology are much more time efficient. Before the development of 3D printing, the production of a concept might have taken months to come to fruition, but with the continuing advancement of this additive manufacturing technology, users can stay ahead of the competition.

3D Printing Reduces Risk

The ability to verify that a design is integral and sound before investing 3D printing it reduces risks for users, dramatically. 3D software allows users to ensure their final product will be produced to the exact specifications required. Prototyping with 3D printing also eliminates the traditional way of creating molds which often times are inaccurate initially and require redesigning before the product is perfect.

3D Printing Clarifies Communication

Communicating design goals and details using conventional manufacturing techniques is often difficult as it can easily be misinterpreted as users must have extremely clear communication when defining these goals. With 3D printing, however, the need to describe a design or vision is eliminated by the ability to produce extremely accurate prototypes in a matter or hours. This allows users to physically display their designs and ideas rather than try to explain it and have to worry about details being misconstrued.

3D Printing Enables Personalization

Another perk of 3D printing is the ability to fully customize products. With traditional manufacturing, products are only produced in a uniform, non-deviant manner. 3D printing allows users to modify designs so that they are tailored to their personal preferences. This incredibly empowering from a business standpoint, specifically in both the medical and fashion industries, amongst others.

3D Printing Provides Feedback

Rapid prototyping/3D printing serves as a great tool for feedback on products and their potential in the market. Providing to prototyping of a product design allows investors to see an accurate physical representation and give their thoughts on making changes – which in turn users can simply edit there design and 3D print the updated prototype. Receiving feedback like this is seemingly invaluable to users as they have the ability to evaluate the projected successes of their products in the market place prior to releasing them.


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Want to Learn More About 3D Printing?

Want to Learn More About 3D Printers?