Konica Minolta Range 5 3D Scanner

A cost effective non-contact 3D scanner

Konica Minolta Range 5 3D ScannerThe KONICA MINOLTA RANGE 5 non-contact 3D digitizer will open up the possibilities of non-contact 3D measurement to companies that are seeking a less expensive solution without compromising on the high performance and quality Konica Minolta delivers in its line of scanners.

Dark surface mode

The dark surface mode function enables the measurement of Objets with reflectance as low as 2.5% without requiring the use of special darkrooms or spraying of the Objet, achieving the industry’s top level low reflectance performance. With the addition of the dark mode function, ultra-low reflectance surfaces (dark Objets) can be measured without being sprayed, measurement inaccuracies caused by uneven thickness of the sprayed layer can be eliminated. Plus, the work involved in pre-measurement surface preparation (spraying) and post-measurement surface cleaning is also no longer necessary, leading to drastic improvements in work efficiency. Reducing the environmental load since spray and cleaning liquids are not used is also an additional benefit of using this new function.

Field-oriented robust design

with a high accuracy of ±40 µm and a 1.31 million-pixel sensor!

Utilizing a new 1.31 megapixel CMOS sensor that can detect finely detailed shapes as well as newly designed optics, the RANGE 5 achieves the highest level of guaranteed accuracy for a non-contact camera type 3D measurement instrument, with an accuracy of ±40 µm according to ball bar accuracy testing based on VDI/VDE 2634 guidelines.

In addition, the RANGE 5 has been designed with the concept of on-site use, minimizing the influence of instrument tilt, temperature changes, etc. at the time of measurement in order to provide high reliability in actual use environments such as in factories, etc.

Quick two-second scanning and 3D preview function!

Original high-speed processing circuits enable high-speed scanning of approximately 2 seconds per shot. In addition, the RANGE 5 is equipped with a 3D preview function that lets users predict the measurement results and check for scan area depth, dead angles, scan problems due to surface conditions, etc. beforehand to greatly reduce scanning mistakes. Compact and lightweight, all-in-one unit weighing less than 15 lbs.!

The size and weight of the RANGE 5 are both less than 1/2 those of previous models, and the compact, lightweight design enables the camera and controller to be integrated in a single body weighing less than 15 lbs, to provide high mobility in measurement environments.