Geomagic XOS

NeoMetrix Technologies Incorporated - Rapidform - XOS Scan Geomagic XOS/Scan is the value leader in shape capture (2G-2nd generation-reverse modeling) applications, which is the world’s 1st reverse engineering software offering fully automated scan data processing to allow user to make a NURBS model from raw 3D scan data within a few button clicks. Geomagic XOS is the most affordable¬†reverse engineering software to end-to-end support point cloud, mesh, color texture, curve and surface operations in an integrated environment. As all-in-one software for 2G shape capture applications, it is the ideal tool for processing 3D scan data for 3D printing,rapid prototyping, and non-mechanical reverse engineering including medical, anthropological and archeological applications. Geomagic XOS widely supports all the possible shape capture workflows using 3D scan data.

3D Scanning to NURBS Conversion Ending up in CAD System with a Few Button Clicks

Throughout the development process, we focused on the automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks in reverse engineering modeling process. Thanks to its fully automated Scan-to-NURBS feature, 3 button clicks from 3D scanning software to NURBS conversion can be enough to end up being in other CAD systems.

Comprehensive Feature Set for Point Cloud, Polygon and Color Texture Processing

In addition to its Scan-to-NURBS modeling features, Geomagic XOS produces Class-A meshes in a single step. The collection of tools in the Geomagic XOS offers fast and accurate optimization & preparation of point clouds and polygons from any 3D scanning device. Also, a rich set of color-textured polygon model optimization and modeling tools is also available such as direct color texture editing, color-aware polygon operation and color parameter adjustment. The mesh models generated by Geomagic XOS can be directly used as input for target CAE, CAM and RP software for reverse engineering, CAE or manufacturing.

World’s Best and Automated Scan-to-NURBS Tool at the Most Affordable Price

Geomagic XOS is analogous to the surface modeler(2G shape capture solution). It is for those that have no need to perform redesign on parametric solids. Geomagic XOS offers advanced curve and surface tools for developing precise, high-quality surface models. Compared to Geomagic XOS, Rapidform XOR, Geomagic XOS’ family product, is analogous to the hybrid modelers(3G reverse modeler), which is the only 3D scanning software application that builds editable, parametric solid models from a raw 3D scan data.