Desktop Metal Studio 3D Printer

Metal 3D Printing Made Easy

Introducing the Studio System, an easy-to-use metal 3D printing system designed to provide users with end-to-end solutions. The system includes the Studio Metal 3D Printer and the first office-friendly sintering furnace on the market. With the Studio System, users no longer have to deal with the lengthy process of machining and casting parts –  simply 3D print metal parts of extreme complexities while at home or at the office.

The Studio Metal 3D Printer

Designed for simple installation and use, the Studio Metal 3D Printer uses a printing technology known as Bound Metal Deposition (BMD), a process very similar to the popular Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). The printer creates parts by heating and extruding bound metals rods which removes the need of metal 3D printing safety requirements. In turn, this opens up new alloys and provides users with a variety of unique features.

  • Supported file types – STL, IGES, JT, STEP, VDA-FS, U3D, VRML and Native file types (i.e. Solidworks, ProE, others)
  • Build Parts up to 300mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • Printing Speed up to 16cmper hour
  • Layer Height of 50μm and up
  • Achieve over 98% Density
  • Change Materials in less the 1 minute
  • Remove parts by hand
  • Fully-automated process
  • 7″ Touchscreen controls

The Studio Sintering Furnace

The first office-friendly sintering furnace delivers users industrial strength sintering through a simple, automated process. By combining SiC heating elements with powerful microwaves, the cloud-connected furnace is able to sinter 3D printed, highly dense parts upon removal of the primary binder.

  • Hybrid Heating: microwave & conventional elements
  • Built-in Expert Metallurgy
  • Tight Tolerances: +/- .002in/in
  • Automatic level & gas type detection
  • Built-in safety fail, filters and binder cold traps
  • 7″ Touchscreen controls
  • Adjustable part trays

The Process

Step 1) Create a Digital Model in a variety of supported formats

Step 3) Sinter the 3D Printed “Green” Part with the Studio System Furnace

Step 2) 3D Print a “Green” Part with the Studio System 3D Printer

Step 4) Apply post-processing methods (if any) to sintered part & remove by hand

Materials Available

  • Alloy Steel: 4140 Chrome Moly
  • Copper: C11000
  • Low Expansion: Kovar F-15
  • Super Alloy: Inconel 625
  • Stainless Steel: 316L (Austenitic) & 17-4 PH
  • Tool Steel: H13

 Materials in Development:

  • Alloy Steel: 4605 (FN02)
  • Aluminum: 2024, 6061, 7075 & AlSi10Mg
  • Carbide: WC-3Co
  • Copper: Bronze
  • Heavy Alloy: Tungsten & Veloxint Hard Metal
  • Low Expansion: Invar 36
  • Super Alloy: Cobalt Chrome F75, Hastelloy & MP35N (Ni, Co, Cr, Mo)
  • Stainless Steel: 15-5 PH, 303 (Austenitic), 316L Duplex, 410 Martensitic, 420 Martensitic, 440 Martensitic, 430 Ferritic, HK30Nb, Nitronic19 (Duplex), BIODUR 108 (Ni Free)
  • Magnetics: Hiperco 50
  • High Performance Steel: Maraging Steel 18Ni300 & Veloxint Stainless
  • Titanium: Ti64 & Commercially Pure Titanium
  • Tool Steel: A2, D2, M2 & S7
  • Other: BASF Catamold

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Basic System – $120,000